Remember Bumble? She’s a senior who was surrendered to a kill shelter when she was 10yo. She had multiple tumors along her mammary gland chains and some behavioral issues that made her not the most desirable candidate for adoption. But when we saw her, we knew that this girl still has a lot of love to give, if only she were given a chance. And so, we pulled this senior girl, welcoming her into the AMA family. Today, we’ll share her journey with you. After we pulled Bumble from a kill shelter, it wasn’t easy for her to adjust. Whatever happened to her in the past, it made it hard for Bumble to trust people. Luckily, a wonderful foster family was very patient with our girl. They gave her enough TLC for her to finally lower her guard and let them in... We were so excited to watch her thrive! But that was just the beginning. Because of the COVID, we had to postpone Bumble rumors removal surgery, and so for months, we didn’t know if they were cancerous. It wasn’t easy to wait, but we had no choice. Unfortunately, because of that, her adoption process has been delayed. People who applied for adoption wanted to know if she had cancer or not. But we had no answer, and so people waited with us... Until one day someone applied for Bumble who didn’t care if she had cancer or not. And that is how we knew- Bumble finally has found HER person! This is how happily ever after looks like! And wait, that’s not all. We were finally able to get Bumble’s surgery done, and all of her biopsies came back BENIGN! Enjoy the rest of your long, happy, and healthy life, sweet Bumble!


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