Remember how Cashmere's success-story began?
You'd think a 3-year-old dog still has her whole life ahead. But Cashmere was unlucky enough to be neglected so severely that by the time we rescued her, her life was days, maybe even hours, away from being over. At the vet she was falling over and whimpering, fighting for the life other people almost took away. After a few days under medical supervision her health was getting worse and we had to rush her to emergency care. After specialists performed an ultrasound, our worst fears were confirmed. Sweet Cashmere has severe pancreatitis, and is at risk of necrotizing pancreatitis. This has caused blockages in her stomach and intestine, which lead to fluids building up in her tummy and a slew of other problems. Essentially, her gastric systems were failing. Saving Cashmere from this awful situation and giving her life back was our goal from the moment we met her. And guess what? With the help of many people we were able to raise needed amount of funds to give Cashmere the medical care she so desperately needed, so that her life was saved. Some weeks later we did a standard visitation procedure at Cashmeres foster home when we realized how dedicated and focused her foster moms were on her getting better. This is what we witnessed as we walked into the home. Cashmere was so relaxed and comfortable and we were taken back by the bond the 3 created in just a short month of being around one another. Cashmere was healthier, beautiful, happy and at peace. We knew this was where Cashmere belonged. In this wonderful clean apartment living with these two kind-hearted, loving souls. They promised to never give up on our girl and we gently kissed her goodbye after all adoption paperwork was signed.


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