Celeste is a playful 7-month-old cat who came to us after being rescued from an abusive situation in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, the vet where she was staying ran out of the room and the only way out of the hospital for Celeste was in a bag. When we heard this story we knew we must do something, so that's when AMA stepped in. We offered our help and started planning to transport this beauty to NY. It took us almost 2 months to arrange transportation from Saudi, but it was all worth it... As soon as Celeste stepped off the plane she made herself feel right at home. In just one short week Celeste became everyone’s favorite in her foster home. There was not one guest who could walk by this little princess and hold themselves off from petting her fluffy fur. And of course, she was spoiled by her foster family. We’ve got a feeling that she wasn’t going anywhere. We were so right! Celeste’s foster home became her forever home in a matter of two weeks. How awesome is that?? This is how happily ever after looks like. 😻


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