This rescue story is yet another crushing reality of severe neglect. Sweet and innocent Charlie was brought to the vet to be euthanized without any inquiry into possible treatments by his previous owner. We are very grateful that the vet contacted us, and with some persuasion, we were able to convince the owner to surrender Charlie into our care. Next came the real battle that we would face in helping Charlie; the laundry list of health issues that were killing him. As you can see in his original pictures, his fur was severely matted and his eyes were infected. Additionally, he had a loss of tear production, cryptorchidism, and severe skin infection with ulceration and erosion of his periocular tissue. His bloodwork showed he had an elevated white blood cell count which coincided with his multiple infections. Charlie was in pain and quite uncomfortable to say the least. But we knew that he was finally safe and his journey to his happily ever after had begun. One of our previous adopters, who also happened to work at that vet office, was willing to foster sweet Charlie while he was in recovery. And boy oh boy did it take a very long time for him to recover. But in the end, everything worked out for the best! While Charlie was busy getting better, his foster mom was quickly falling in love with him. And it didn't take her long time to announce that she was willing to keep that little mush with her forever. Do you remember Brownie? Another horrible case that we handled a couple of years ago. Well, Brownie and Charlie are now best friends and siblings, and we couldn't be happier with Charlie's recovery and the story of how he found his forever family. Check out Charlie's video here->


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