Remember Chewy? Little Chewy was found wandering the streets crying out for help. A kind passerby noticed the cries of a kitten in desperate need of medical attention. She was limping, disheveled from neglect, and very clearly had a broken tail. We immediately rushed her to the emergency hospital where, to our absolute horror, we found out that her pelvis was also broken. We had no idea what happened to this poor baby but we knew that it must have been traumatic. Chewy was just two months old at that time. It was just awful that such a young, innocent baby had to experience this. Little Chewy spent a couple of days at the emergency hospital, where the specialist was deciding if she needed surgery or not. Eventually, she was released home to recover on her own. Which meant strict rest in a small crate for over a month. Slowly but surely, our little angel was healing and getting more robust, and we couldn't wait to finally see her run and play as any healthy kitten should. Once Chewy was completely healed, she was eager to meet her forever family! And one came into her life shortly after. After two heartbreaking situations where the last-minute Chewy's adoption fell through, we knew that the third time had to be the charm. Because one of our previous adopters who adopted the cat name Spring reached out to us to inquire about Chew! And guess what? Months ago, before adopting the kitty Spring from us, they originally applied for Chewy. Unfortunately, she was already in the process of adoption and was no longer available, so they adopted Spring. Then, by accident, they noticed that Chewy was still on our website, still looking for her home. And when they heard the sad story of Chewy's misfortune, they immediately applied to take Chewy home. It felt like destiny, and we couldn't be happier with how it all played out. Enjoy the rest of your life with your new sister, Spring! We will always miss you.


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