Remember Chubby? This 1-year-old mixed pup came to us with his two siblings all the way from Texas in order to find a new home. This playful boy with the floppiest ears was ready to embrace his new life! Chubby thrived in the big city and turned out to be a natural New Yorker! He loved the excitement of the city streets and all the people and pups to smell! Chubby grew big and strong in his foster home. He's had so much fun living the big city life, with sniffing out new friends on the street and even chasing squirrels in the park! But he wondered, when will I find my fur-ever home? Well, even though it took him much longer than his other siblings, Chubby never gave up on his dream. This one lucky Texan turned New Yorker is now adopted! Chubby has found a wonderful family who will take him on all the long walks and give him all the ear scratches that he deserves.


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