You may kiss the royal paw! Or at least that's what our puppy princess Cindy always looks like she's saying. This regal gal originally came to us from the mean streets of Texas, where she somehow made it as a stray. But she just knew she'd go from rags to riches and get her very own Cindy-rella story! Things started looking up when a magical, horse-drawn carriage--err, car--picked her up and whisked her away to New York, where some AMA ladies (and lads) in waiting got her gussied up and ready for a new foster home. Cindy loved it there, and she loved prancing around with her fur siblings, but she still dreamt that her Prince Charming would come and take her to her forever home. Every night, she'd dream of a family with that perfect glass slipper--err, water bowl--that would fit her perfectly. And guess what? Cindy's Cindy-rella dreams came true! A real Prince and Princess Charming from Manhattan came and took Cindy home to their castle (okay okay, apartment), where she gets treats fit for a princess and is loved on by all the ladies and gentlemen of the court(yard). She even went to school to become a Perfect Princess! Now she's well-mannered enough for any fancy ball. We are so excited for Cindy's Disney ending. And, well, you know the next part: And they lived happily ever after.


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