Clover was found on the street alone and lethargic. Our hearts broke when we saw this sweet kitty suffer. He was trying to cling to his life with everything he’s got... Leaving Clover behind wasn’t an option for us. We rushed him to the emergency hospital, where doctors were barely able to stabilize him. At first, everyone thought he had some head trauma that deformed his face, but after a while, it was determined that this was how he was born. And Clover's unique look made us love him even more. As our boy got better and better, he started to show his fun side. He was inquisitive, and his foster mom decided to let him step outside (to a fully fenced backyard with a very safe and comfortable harness/leash). Clover surprised us all- not only he enjoyed smelling the flowers, watching the birds, and listening to all the exciting sounds, and he walked on the leash as if it’s the most natural thing for him! We were so happy to see Clover up and running. But that wasn't all! Clover's foster mom became more than that- she became his family! Happy Adoption, sweet boy. It's time to enjoy the rest of your life with a human mom who will never stop spoiling you.


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