It wasn't easy for Cockatoo to survive on the streets of Nepal. She was abandoned, all alone, like hundreds of other stray dogs there. However, Cockatoo got lucky- she came across an amazing woman who works tirelessly to save dogs of Nepal. She doesn't have many resources, only her voice and a will to help. So the woman reached out to us and asked if we could help. We couldn't say no... And so when Cockatoo was old enough to fly, we transported this little cutie to the States and welcomed her into the AMA family. Cockatoo was shy at first, not sure what is Americal life all about, but as the time went on, she started feeling more confident, more at home. We loved to watch her progress and realized that whoever gets to adopt this sweetheart will be one lucky family, because this girl was just perfect. And little that we knew, a perfect family came along for a perfect pup! It was a love from the first sight on both ends, and as soon as we saw how comfortable Cockatoo felt in their home we knew that will be it, this is how Cockatoo happily ever after will look like. We were so right! Enjoy the rest of your life little girl, we will always miss you.



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