Who remembers Cocoa? A few months ago, we were called about a lethargic kitten who was lying in the bushes. According to the person who found her, the kitten was abandoned by her mother, who took the rest of the litter with her and hasn’t returned in days. Mother cats typically do this when one of the kittens is extremely ill, and she wants to protect her healthy babies from becoming sick. It broke our hearts to see this kitten stranded all alone, so we offered our help to help her precious life. Despite being at capacity, we couldn’t let Cocoa die alone, and since there was still a chance to save her life, we took it. Cocoa was rushed to the hospital, where we immediately began the necessary treatments. And this was beginning of Cocoa's road to her happily ever after. Luckily, Cocoa recovered and grew up to be quite a beauty queen. And developing such a sweet personality, we just knew she would be a catch for one lucky adopter. All we had to do was wait. Finally the day came, and a great adopter fell in love with our little beauty queen and she finally got her happily ever after! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Cocoa. We will always miss you.

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  • Her name is Korra now and I love her very much. Thank you too the amazing work that the employees and volunteers did at the AMA. She’s happy and healthy in no small part due to their diligence. I am forever grateful.

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