Coconut came to us a few months ago. He was found in a garbage bin with an open wound on his leg. We took him and rushed him to the hospital to address that wound. As it always happens, he had a terrible dental disease, so we performed his dental as well as his neuter during that surgery and shaved off his matted fur. It was a lot, but Coconut was feeling so much better once it was over. And once again, we couldn’t have done it without the generous support of our amazing followers! Shortly after Coconut recovered from his surgery, he moved into a foster-to-adopt home, and we were hopeful that he had found his forever family. Regrettably, it didn't work out due to some of Coconut's specific behavioral needs. Ultimately, we welcomed him back into our care, and our quest for his perfect forever family continued. Well, it's a "second time's the charm" situation for Coconut! He has found a loving forever home, and this time it seems to be a perfect match. His new adopter is already actively engaged in his training and fully understands his needs. It's another heartwarming success story in the making!


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