Confetti was a young kitty brought to the kill shelter with a broken leg. We never discovered what had caused the injury, but we were certain that all the terrible things were now in her past as soon as she became a part of the AMA family. The recovery period after her leg surgery lasted a few weeks, but during that time, Confetti managed to win over the hearts of everyone at the shelter. She was so playful and sweet that we knew whoever ended up adopting this little ray of sunshine would be incredibly fortunate. So, we patiently waited alongside Confetti.

Once she had fully recovered, she began climbing and jumping all over the place. She had completely forgotten about her broken leg and all the painful experiences from her past. Then, one day, we received an amazing adoption application. Immediately, we knew this was the one. We were confident that her happily ever after was now within reach. And just like that, Confetti was no longer homeless! All the waiting and struggles had been worthwhile because she found herself with the most loving and caring family.


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