Remember our boy Cowboy? This sweet senior was rescued from a kill shelter back in February 2021. At this time he was 10 years old. Due to all his medical problems, Cowboy had to visit the vet twice a week for a month. The bald spots indicated that he was tied to his legs for a long time. We can’t imagine the hardships Cowboy endure before he was rescued. After Cowboy was rescued an amazing family took him in to foster and rehabilitate him. After all, he deserved a safe and comfortable place to overcome everything he had gone through. It didn’t take long for his foster parents to see what an amazing and loving dog he was, and it became hard to let him go. Cowboy’s foster family realized that he was meant to be there all along. After a year of fostering and rehabilitating Cowboy was adopted! Now he lives his days napping away and playing with his other four legged sibling. Our sweet senior Cowboy now has his happy ending!


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