lmost a year ago, we received a plea concerning a small dog with just a few hours left before being euthanized. Upon investigating her case, our hearts shattered. She was found in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, with severe bite wounds that left her unable to move. The person who found her brought her to the nearest emergency hospital and left her there. Unfortunately, she was subsequently transferred to a kill shelter. Given the gravity of her injuries, the shelter couldn't provide adequate care and reached out to rescues for help. However, when we arrived to meet Cuddles, the shelter had already conducted x-rays and informed us that she had spinal injuries. This required an MRI, a neurology consultation, and other treatments. Additionally, we were told that due to the complexity of her case, the shelter considered euthanasia the best option, denying other rescues the opportunity to save her if we wouldn’t accept such an expensive case. In response, we immediately took her in and rushed her to an emergency hospital for evaluation by a neurologist, ensuring she had a fair chance to fight for her life. The evaluation revealed that although Cuddles couldn't walk, she retained voluntary movement and sensation in all her limbs. The neurologist localized her issue to a neck fracture and suspected further damage to her spinal cord. Furthermore, the multiple bite wounds indicated a vicious attack by a large dog that grabbed Cuddles and shook her vigorously. Some speculate that she may have been a bait dog, given that she was discarded in the grass after the assault, left alone to die in the bushes and grass. Regrettably, we may never know for sure. The next step was a long rehabilitation process. Cuddles touched so many hearts that we were able to successfully secure two long-term foster homes through the whole process for Cuddles, who worked diligently to ensure her recovery. But, as the time went on, months and months went by. Cuddles learned how to walk again, how to run and jump, and how to be a dog again. Though no adoption applications came for her. She was a senior, and she was partially blind due to the horrific trauma. The tough past also left her with some behavioral challenges that not many people were able to work with. But a long wait for a perfect adoption application was so worth it. Almost a year in the making, this adoption was everything we could have hoped for! Enjoy the rest of your life, little Cuddles. We will always miss you.


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