This is Daj, we pulled this little guy from a kill shelter at 14 years old, a senior dog with a list of medical issues that most likely were the cause of why he ended up at that place. He was scared and confused, and we promised he would get his second chance in life. DAJ was originally so matted that he had to be shaved completely. He had a little growth on his eye and bumps all over his body. He had problems with his liver, hypertension, and high calcium levels. He had to be put on a special diet and multiple life-long medications. Combining his health with his age, we were a little sad knowing that not many people would be willing to give this guy a chance. But we never gave up hope. While we waited for someone amazing to notice DAJ in our adoption folder, one of our amazing foster moms/previous adopters decided to open up her home for our senior gentlemen. And boy oh boy, have we seen a more spoiled dog? After a couple of weeks with his foster mom, DAJ began looking and acting like a brand new dog! He filled up, his fur began to shine, and his energy was through the roof. We were so happy to see him thrive. He is loved dearly, and we couldn't have wished for a better future for our boy. Enjoy the rest of your life, DAJ! We will always miss you.


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