Remember Day? Some people called her an unwelcome Christmas gift last year. It’s so heartbreaking to know that these little beings are treated like unwanted trash during the holiday season (or ever!). We were contacted about this puppy who was presented as a gift and had to leave the place immediately because he wasn’t welcome. We will never understand why “surprise-pet-present” is still a thing, but we definitely couldn't stand by and let this little puppy end up at the kill shelter, and so we took her in and named her Day on the Christmas Eve. Day had a few ups and downs, she had one adoption that fell through, but she didn’t lose her positive attitude even for a second. We knew that something awesome about to happen, we could just feel it... We were so right! One of our volunteers found out that Day was looking for a foster home and offered to help out. It only took a couple of days for a new foster to realize that Day was there to stay. And this is how a happily ever after looks like! Enjoy the rest of your life Day!


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