Dekka is a stunning exotic beauty! Dekka is an absolutely gorgeous bright-eyed dog that unfortunately grew up in Thailand's streets, one of the worst places that a poor hopeless dog can wind up. Dogs from Thailand are being taken and brought to the meat markets in China and Korea. It is truly an unimaginable situation for any animal. We were beyond glad that we could o rescue and bring to the state of New York was Dekka. Unfortunately, Dekka never learned how to trust people, and we've been struggling for months to find a placement where he would feel comfortable enough to decompress. We were worried that Dekka's fearful aggression would scare people away. And it did. A lot. But not the ones that mattered. Seeing past his fears, a family who already had a couple of dogs fell in love with Dekka and his story. What everyone saw as a negative side, this family loved him even more for it. He is now a loyal, comforting, loving, and not to mention show off in the streets kind of dog! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Dekka! We will always miss you.


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