Remember Dexter?? He came to us in a horrible condition - both eyes bulging from his head and barely alive when we first got him in our care. As Dexter was fighting for his life, we made the decision to remove both eyes and give Dexter a second chance in life. Dexter's road to recovery was long, but we are so happy to announce he is healed and his personality has been shining through! He was running, jumping, and causing the perfect amount of trouble as he patiently waited to be adopted! And guess what? He didn't have to wait long... We are thrilled to announce that the previous AMA adopter, who adopted one of our cats just a year ago, saw Dexter and fell in love! Dexter now has a loving family of his own, and another feline brother to play and jump around with all day!! Enjoy your new home, Dexter!! ❤️


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