Dobby was found about two years ago, so malnourished that he was skin and bones. His back legs were so weak, with muscles so undeveloped that he couldn't even stand, indicating he had been kept in a confined space for a very long time. He was scared and confused, and our hearts broke for him. When we received a plea about Dobby, we knew we couldn't turn him away. We provided urgent medical care for him, welcomed him into the AMA family, and promised him a better future. Weeks turned into months, which became years, but nobody wanted Dobby for reasons we couldn't understand. Dobby wasn't a large dog; he was friendly and a little rumbustious, adding to his goofy personality. To us, Dobby was absolutely perfect, but no adoption applications came in for him. Then, we had our annual event with Subaru, and Dobby turned out to be the star of the event! Finally, after over two years of waiting, the adoption applications began to pour in for our boy. After two years of waiting, Dobby has finally found his forever home. Throughout it all, he never lost hope, and neither did we. Dobby deserved a wonderful life, and we're proud to have fulfilled our promise to him. We'll always miss you, Dobby!


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