Kitten season was booming when we rescued Ellbo! Just that month we have rescued nine kittens (plus adult cats) and Ellbo was the tenth. A Good Samaritan reached out about a helpless, sick kitten who was unable to open his eyes. Ellbo was skin and bones, weak, and suffering an infection in his eyes. This sweet, young baby deserved his second chance in life, begining with getting him the treatments he required. We did what we always do, and in no time this sweet kitty was back on his four paws and looking forward to his happily ever after. Which of course, was sooner than we expected. His wonderful foster mom was absolutely in love with that little mush and decided to keep him after all. We were so happy that Ellbo was going to stay with a human who helped nurse him back to health. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet boy!


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