Who remembers Ethan? When we rescued the poor guy, the signs of previous abuse were obvious... But we knew that his fearful reactivity to strangers, men especially, would be a big issue when it comes to finding him a home. Not many people would be willing to look past his aggression and insecurities. But we also knew that he deserved a second chance in life like any other pup. And we promised to do whatever it takes for Ethan to have a family of his own one day. Because he showed signs of fearful aggression, we knew it wouldn't be easy to find a forever home for him. Not many people have the time or the means to work through the difficulties that may arise. But we knew that somewhere out there was a family who would be a perfect fit for our handful boy. And in the meantime, one of our wonderful foster families volunteered to take Ethan in and start working on his training. Guess what happened next? Ethan’s happily ever after was closer than we could have ever hoped for! His wonderful foster family decided that Ethan was exactly what they were looking for. And how could we say no? After just a few short weeks with his foster mommies, Ethan was thriving. Well, as you might have guessed, our little rascal has been adopted, and the rest is history! 🥰


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