She was rescued from the streets together with her sister. But unfortunately, her sibling didn't make it due to severe trauma. Luckily, Eve survived and was rescued on time before anything horrible happened to her too. This was the beginning of Eve's journey to her happily ever after. It took Eve just a few days to open up and show her true nature. She went from a skittish, scared little kitten to the most loving, cuddling one. She'd never miss an opportunity to expose her belly for rubs. And once we got to know Eve a little better, we realized how lucky a family that adopts her would be. Once Eve was medically cleared for adoption, we began accepting adoption applications. And, as you can guess, we didn't have to wait too long until THE ONE landed in our email box. And just like that, Eve is no longer homeless!!! This is what we call a true happily ever after. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Eve. We will always remember you.


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