Evelyn was a mama cat with 4 newborn babies when we came across her story. She was brought into a kill shelter in Georgia and left there like an unwanted thing. She was supposed to be loved and spoiled as a new mom. Instead, she was simply discarded. And so we did what was right- we welcomed her into the AMA family and promised that we'd help her find her happily ever after. At first, Evelyn was a quiet mama cat who spend most of her time nursing and cleaning her babies. And, as you can imagine, whoever came to say hello to that family focused most of their attention on little kittens (how could we blame them?). Which, to be honest, Evelyn didn't mind one bit. She was happy to take a break from her four balls of energy. But once they were old enough to be separated, Evelyn finally got her space where she could shine, drawing all of the attention to herself. We knew she was a great mama cat, but now Evelyn began showing the rest of her personality, and we were happy to get to know her all over again! She was playful, cuddly, and sweet- simply put, she was a perfect lady. But she was still homeless... Once Evelyn was separated from her babies, we were quickly reminded that she herself was barely old enough to be called a cat instead of a kitten. At just one year, Evelyn already knew abandonment and was very familiar with a kill shelter. And we must say, it's not the easiest first year of life. But we were determined to ensure that her second year ( and all the years that will come after) would be safe and filled with happiness. Care to guess what happened next? Our mama cat Evelyn got adopted! This is what we call a true happy ending. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet kitty. We will always miss you.


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