Felix wasn't born on the easy street--not by a long shot! We first found this ginger beauty as a kitty. His mama was nowhere in sight, and Felix was so sick we didn't think he'd make it to the next day, let alone the next week. But Felix fought back and surprised all of us, rallying back to health. But then, ill fortune struck again. Felix punctured his lung while playing and had to be rushed to the hospital! Again, both Felix and his doctors fought for his life--and prevailed. Elated, we set out to find him a forever family. But even that was an uphill climb. Felix had runny eyes, which didn't affect his dapper personality or his health but turned off potential adopters. Felix searched and searched, looking for a family who would see him for the true beauty he was. And guess what? He finally found them! That's right--an amazing couple saw Felix and knew he was just the sort of resilient, courageous cat they needed, an the rest is history. Felix is now happily lounging at home with his forever fam, charming them every day with his dazzling, one-of-a-kind personality. Happy tails, Felix!


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