Remember Ferdinand? A lively little chap with lots of love to give, Ferdie was found tied up to a pole outside an apartment in the Bronx by a couple, then brought up to a local animal shelter through which he ended up in our care. At first, we were confused as to why such a nice dog would end up in a kill shelter. But as soon as we tried to bring him to the vet office, Ferdinand The Vicious unleashed himself. For such a small dog he had a temper of a huge beast, and even a group of doctors and technicians weren’t able to come close. Something happened to Ferdi in the past to make him absolutely terrified of doctors, cages, cones and anything that had to do with doctors or touching his neck or legs. The fact that he had a kennel cough and severe ringworms didn’t help his case at all... We found a foster family, who decided to open up their home for this little guy for his second chance in life. This allowed us to properly plan for a training strategy and give time to work out a grand plan, called “Ferdinand’s Happily Ever After”. We sent him to board/train in Connecticut for a few weeks where our amazing trainer started working on Ferdi’s fear aggression. And so we waited... We couldn’t get enough of this sweet face! With daily updates on Ferdinand’s training, we knew that he is making a lot of progress and the next step would be to find the right forever family who’d be willing to dedicate their time on continuous training, who’d be patient and loving and most importantly understanding... As it turned out, we didn’t have to look for that family- they found Ferdi themselves! We’ve received quite a few adoption applications for Ferdi, but when we saw this one application, we knew- this is the one. And boy were we right! In no time, Ferdi was allowing all handling and even learned how to go inside of the crate all on his own! And this is what a true happily ever after looks like! Enjoy the rest of your life, Ferdinand.


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