Flopsy is one of the 3 siblings that were found as tiny babies with no mother in sight. Luckily, one of our neonatal fosters agreed to take the babies in and give them a chance in survival, for which we always will be grateful- https://instagram.com/mobcat_princesses, thank you. It’s never a certainty if abandoned newborn kittens will make it, but this group of 3 warriors pulled through. Flopsy was the rascal of the group, and from day one we knew that he will become a great pet for one lucky person. Flopsy grew up to be the funniest kitty, and even though his two siblings were going to be adopted together he didn’t lose faith that one day soon he too will find his happily ever after. He was right to be patient! This is how a Happily Ever After looks like! Flopsy is no longer a homeless kitty, he now has a human he calls Dad and home that he calls his own. Enjoy the rest of your life, Flopsy. ❤️❤️❤️


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