We found frosty during last year’s winter. She was sick, alone, and freezing in the frigid cold. We couldn’t let her suffer any longer and so we welcomed her into the AMA family. This is how Frosty’s journey to her happily ever after began! Frosty grew up into such an elegant and beautiful lady. We were so excited to watch her open up and become more comfortable in her foster home. She was also very funny and animated; just check out her favorite sleeping positions!🤣 In no time we knew that she was ready for her happily ever after! And the happily ever after came sooner than we expected for Frosty...A few weeks after we rescued Frosty, a wonderful woman applied to adopt her. They were a match made in heaven, it was as clear as day to us. It truly was love at first sight. Enjoy the rest of your life Frosty aka Olivia! We already miss you!


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