Garfield was found in a barn in Pennsylvania, a barn known for being a dumping ground for unwanted pets. Garfield was left behind by his previous owners. When one of our volunteers discovered him, he had fallen Ill with a severe cold and pus dripping out of his ears. This sweet boy did not deserve to be left behind, and we knew we had to rescue him. Once Garfield came into our care, he seemed to be defeated and emotionally worn out after being left behind. We wanted to make his days better and let him experience love once more. Garfield deserved the best home a cat could have, and one day, we received the email we were all waiting for! After a few months, Garfield was finally adopted! He was able to recuperate and find his joy again and along the way find a home where he could take naps all day, get cuddles, and get all the love in the world. Now he goes by the name Tails! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet boy.


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