Who couldn't love a face like Gizmo's? We wish the answer was 'nobody,' but unfortunately, some cruel person left this adorable ewok look-alike alone in a park in Brooklyn. When we rescued Gizmo, we hope a furever someone would come along and see him for the amazing creature he is. We just didn't know it would happen so fast! After one look at Gizmo's heart-melting underbite and playful eyes, one of our volunteers agreed to foster Gizmo. This volunteer already had a full house--three dogs, two adopted from AMA--but Gizmo totally won her over. Sadly, while Gizmo was with his foster mama, one of her dogs got sick and passed away. It was such a sad time for everybody, but Gizmo piled on the love and helped the whole family heal. His foster mama was so grateful for his comforting presence that she decided it was a sign: Gizmo really was a part of the family. So she adopted him! Gizmo now lives the good life with his two fur siblings. And, while his foster mama will always miss her old pup, she's so glad to have Gizmo to fill her days with joy and love. Congrats, Gizmo! Keep making people smile through the good times and the bad!


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