About half a year ago, we received distressing news about an abandoned cat, left to fend for itself outside. This time, we were informed that the owner callously and intentionally deserted the poor guy. A compassionate individual reached out to us, desperately seeking our assistance. The cat appeared to be in a dire state, filthy, with his eyes and nose covered in crust, and severely malnourished. This condition could potentially explain the reasons behind his abandonment. We decided to name him Gizmo and took him under our care immediately. Once Gizmo found himself in a foster home, we had the opportunity to observe him closely, and our worst fears were confirmed – something was profoundly wrong. He exhibited lethargy and a complete loss of appetite, and his emaciation suggested prolonged malnourishment. His breathing was shallow and weak. Time was of the essence, and we rushed him to the emergency hospital. Doctors discovered fluid surrounding his kidneys and stomach. A series of tests confirmed our worst fear – Gizmo had FIP, often a deadly disease. Fortunately, we have experience with this illness and proceeded with a lengthy and expensive treatment. For months, we prayed and hoped that Gizmo would be cured, fully committed to saving his life. Luckily, our prayers have been answered. After weeks of intensive treatment for FIP and months of careful observation, we received some exciting news – Gizmo was finally declared cleared of the disease. The transformation was remarkable, and you could visibly see the difference! Once lethargic and frail, Gizmo now resembled a brand-new cat, radiating health and vitality. His story a testament to the dedication to the resilience of this incredible boy. .


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