Gordon was one of the boys from the hoarding situation. He didn't trust people and other dogs, he had to fight for food for years, and as we all know, old habits are hard to break. When all the female dogs went to their foster homes pretty quickly, Gordon stayed in medical boarding a little longer than he should have. We knew that when a perfect foster family shows up, he will come out of his shell and start learning how to be a dog. So we waited. Foster after foster came to meet him and then left, leaving Gordon behind. Until one day an amazing couple showed up, and the miracle happened. After two hours of interaction, Gordon warmed up to them. He even came by for some belly rubs and that is when they decided to become his foster family. The road to his happily ever after begun. This road ended with the same family who gave him a chance. He is now permanently part of the family and they love him to pieces.


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