Gracie was originally adopted from a pet store, she is a small purebred dog, and those are usually the type of dogs that are found at pet stores. When her adopter got sick of her, she sent her to a kill shelter. Gracie was confused and did not understand why there was so much barking, she was not used to any of this. When we saw her sad face, we couldn't let her stay behind bars any longer and so a few months ago we welcomed her into the AMA family. After leaving the kill shelter, Gracie was welcomed into a foster family, where she was treated like the princess she is. Gracie became so comfortable living in that house and as time went on her foster family asked us to give them a few more days to decide if they were ready to adopt. They did not need days however and a few hours after our conversation we got a call from them and the fantastic foster family decided that she is going to stay with them for good, Gracie now has her own home, bed and forever family! That is Gracie's happily ever after.


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