Remember our 12-year-old Shih Tzu Grizzie? Grizzie's owner got really sick and went to a nursing home, so this sweetest senior pup was left all alone for a whole month! The landlord was kind enough to walk him twice a day, and give him food and water. But Grizzie was still lonely, and that's not the kind of life any dog should have to live. The landlord was told by the family to take the dog to the shelter, but a senior wouldn’t have the best chances there, and so AMA stepped up to help this cutie. Even though Grizzie had been lonely for a little while, he was still the sweetest dog. Who could resist his adorable underbite and fuzzy face?! We were determined to find the perfect home for this handsome senior. Grizzie adjusted so well to his foster home and loved to have a little playtime and get all the cuddles. But he was still waiting patiently for his new family to come and adopt him, until he caught the eye of a wonderful woman who fell in love with his face the moment she saw him. Today, Grizzie is ready to thrive through the rest of his Golden Years in his new home! Enjoy the rest of your life, little guy.


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