Hachi has one of those stories that make you sad and then very happy. He was rescued as a stray almost a year ago. Nobody came to claim him, so we were happy to accept Hachi into our care. As it turned out, he had a few minor health issues, which didn't seem like a big deal, but his behavioral issues were a completely different story. He was a biter (a few of our volunteers could tell you all about that), he was a very loud barker and just a generally anxious dog. Because he was extremely cute, we received a lot of requests for him, but sadly, once potential adopters heard about his needs, most of them decided he wasn't the right fit for them. That is until about 6 months after his rescue when he was finally adopted into what we thought was his forever home. Unfortunately, his anxiety seemed to worsen, and the adopter, struggling with anxiety herself, was not able to provide the care that Hachi needed. We accepted Hachi back into our care, as we always do with our pets, and waited again.

Then the holidays came, and we were closing our physical location for the whole month. All our pets were going into their foster homes, including Hachi. His foster parents were initially happy with Hachi and expressed their desire to adopt him, but as time passed, it became clear that their noisy neighborhood was too much for Hachi, as his barking became even worse. Sadly, that adoption fell through as well, and Hachi came back to us once we reopened after the holidays. We were so sad for Hachi, but we never gave up. And guess what? A few months later, he had his "third time's the charm" moment! He is now officially adopted by someone who understands his needs and is willing and able to work with them. We couldn't be happier for our guy Hachi; he's been through so much and deserves that happily ever after.


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