Haku was rescued when he was just a month old, along with his siblings and their mom. He then was quickly adopted, only to be returned to us a year later. Due to personal issues, the family was unable to care for Haku any longer. We placed him with a foster family, where he patiently waited for his happy ending. One day his patience grew thin, however, and he broke through the protection net on the door and ran away. We were devastated, but we did not give up, we printed many flyers and offered a $500 reward for his return. Almost a month later we received a call from someone who found Haku, it was a miracle that he was able to survive on his own without getting injured or worse. Haku was then placed in a new foster home where he slowly recovered from the stress of being on the streets, he was no longer interested in escaping. It was clear that Haku was adjusting faster than we could have hoped for. Once again he found himself in a loving home that cared for him deeply, and that was his last stop. He finally found his permanent happily ever after!


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