This story is about a poodle that we named Harley. She was three years old when we rescued her, the victim of a hoarding case. The owner was in the process of getting evicted from her house where she had many dogs and had we not intervened, some of her dogs would have ended up on the street or in a shelter. The owner did not want to give up Harley but it was evident that she was not getting the proper care in any way and so we weren't going to give up. Hours of persuasion finally paid off and Harley was finally rescued.  For the first two days Harley didn't even know how to eat from a plate, or how to walk on the grass.  We knew that whoever will be taking Harley home will have to be a very special person. And boy we got lucky, one of our foster moms was touched by Harley's story and offered her help.  With the care and love from the amazing foster family, Harley finally opened up and became the perfect pet that she was always meant to be. The next step was finding her a loving home. But little did we know that the bond between the foster mom and Harley was growing stronger day by day, until one day when we mentioned a potential adopter, Harley's foster mom hugged her little princess and said that she is not going anywhere. Harley's kisses were the confirmation of this statement, she knew that she is there to stay all along. We couldn't be happier with this turn of events and right away shared the news with the rest of the team-  Harley finally had a home of her own. Congratulation, Harley! We will always miss you.


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