Indigo wasn’t always Indigo. For a first few months of her life, she was just really blue, living in a filthy shelter in Thailand where she would soon die or be smuggled into the Korean or Chinese dog meat trades. Thankfully, a local rescue pulled her out in the nick of time and found her a foster home where she could recuperate and get some pep back in her step. But finding a forever home in Thailand is notoriously hard, and the rescue knew she’d have a better chance in another country. That’s where we came in. Forget smuggling! We snuggled this one into the United States instead, where her blues have turned Indigo. Instead of getting her down, Indigo’s sorrows just made her deeper: more affectionate, more friendly, and more big-hearted. But Indigo still had a hard time feeling confident around other dogs (understandable) and needed some good humans to teach her social skills and confidence. Luckily, she didn’t have to wait long! Shortly after arriving in the U.S., Indigo found a perfect forever home, with two doting adults and a darling baby boy. After years of loneliness and despair, today is the day that Indigo gets to step paws-first into her happily ever after. Way to go, Indigo!


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