Jax didn’t have an easy life. He was found abandoned in a dog park when he was about one month old. He was so sick and dehydrated that he wasn’t able to walk or even move. Fortunately, we were able to save him, and everything seemed to be just fine. Things got even better when we found Jax’s forever home- a happily ever after, or so we thought. Unfortunately, a year later Jax was surrendered back to us. And even though it was a very sad situation, we’ve welcomed him back with open arms! We knew that all it meant was that his true happy ending is yet to come. After being surrendered, Jax didn’t get upset, even for a second. He continued to be his awesome self and made everyone around him fall in love with his great personality. All we had to do was to be patient and wait until Jax met “The One”. We didn’t have to wait long. It only took a couple of months for someone special to notice Jax. And even though he is shy around new people, he quickly warmed up to his soon-to-be forever mom and they became an inseparable duo. From that point on, we were counting the days until the official adoption. In Jax’s case, a second time is a charm! We’ve got a good feeling that this adoption is for good and no more surrenders for our handsome boy. Enjoy the rest of your life, Jax!


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