Jeete aka Bella

Jeete came to us with her fur siblings from the streets of Texas, and, with her big Texas personality, she loved everyone and everything. She eve looked good in a polka dot bowtie! But for months, Jeete was all dressed up with nowhere to go. As her fur family got adopted left and right, Jeete waited. And waited. But you know what they say: sometimes things are worth waiting for. After all that waiting, Jeete finally got a family of her very own. A wonderful couple from New Jersey say Jeete and saw her beauty--inside and out! So they scooped her up, took her home and renamed her Bella. Not only is Bella beautiful, but her life is too! Her new family spoils her rotten and treats her like the queen she is. We're so happy for our Bella! Last the best of all the game!


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