Joe was hit by a car and brought to a kill shelter with severe injuries. When we learned of his story, we couldn’t ignore that plea for help. We initially took him to our regular veterinarian, but after examination, it was evident that he required more serious and immediate intervention at the emergency hospital, so we rushed him there. This was the beginning of Joe’s long journey to recovery. Once Joe was at the emergency hospital, we discovered that he had a severe pelvic fracture that required 2 surgeries from a board-certified surgeon in a 24/7 facility. Due to the bone obstructing his rectum, he couldn’t defecate on his own and had fecal matter inside him from several days ago. Joe also had a blood infection and bacteria in his urine. This was a lot for little Joe to endure! But we were committed to doing everything we could to save his life. To provide these lifesaving surgeries that Joe so desperately needed, we transferred him to another emergency hospital with a criticalist and a surgeon. Given the complexity of these procedures, as well as the necessary postoperative care, Joe stayed at the hospital for over a week. And his medical bills were nearly $30,000! Luckily, with so many amazing supporters we were able to cover the full cost of his medical care. We are most definitely grateful to have such a wonderful support system. After weeks of recovering with a wonderful foster mom, Joe was ready to embrace a new chapter in his life! He was ready to meet his forever family. All we had to do was wait for that perfect adoption application. And well, our little boy Joe is no longer homeless!!! He even has his personal Instagram account, so if you’d like to follow his adventures, you may do so by following him here Enjoy the rest of your life, little angel. We will always miss you! ❤️


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