Meet the beautiful green-eyed Jordy, the story of her rescue is as simple as it gets.  Jordy seemed to know exactly where to go in order to be saved and eventually find her forever home. One day she came to one of our volunteer's homes. After her first visit, however, she returned every day, scratching at the door as if it was where she lived. We had a feeling that Jordy was a housecat before since she wanted so badly to be a part of this home! Luckily, we were able to take Jordy in and help her find her permanent loving family. After only a few days of being a part of the AMA family, a foster mom was available to take her in. Something was different about this relationship with the Jordy and her human...The foster mom almost immediately fell in love with the beautiful gray and white striped kitty with those beady green eyes. The AMA family saw the connection growing between these two through updates and videos. After a couple of weeks, the connection was undeniable and the foster mom made the decision that she just had to keep precious Jordy.  Jordy is now living happily ever after with her best friend. Enjoy the rest of your life, Jordy!


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