When Jules gets knocked down, she gets up again--and again, and again, and again. This miracle kitty came to us in sorry shape, with a collar so embedded in her skin that she was hovering on death's door. We swore we'd do everything to save her, but we didn't know that everything would truly be EVERYTHING. It took 9 months at the emergency hospital, seven surgeries, multiple procedures, and a last-resort experiment with medication to get this furry feline back on her feet. But as soon as we did, she got to march right into her new life with a new FOREVER FAMILY! That's right: While Jules was battling for her life in the vet hospital, her future family was following her story with all their fingers crossed. And when Jules emerged triumphant, her family was there to bring her home with them. We're so proud of Jules and her scrappy spirit, and we couldn't be more grateful to her new human family, who was just as persistent as she was. HAPPY LIFE, JULES!!


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