What's black and white and sweet as can be? Kiki! She was found helpless near a dumpster and all alone without her mama in sight. She was so tiny and sick we were afraid she might not make it, but Kiki was one tough kitten and definitely surprised us with the amount of strength she possessed. We saved Kiki just in time and after some true TLC, Kiki made a full recovery. This lost little kitten had a full glow up and thrived in her foster home! But that’s not all! After a short period of time, we noticed that her foster family started referring to her as theirs. Kiki now seemed like a whole new cat from how she was first discovered. After her amazing transformation, Kiki was ready to start her search for her new home. We had a feeling that we wouldn’t have to wait long to find a purrfect home for this gorgeous girl. Why? Because our suspicions were correct- Kiki wasn’t going anywhere, it was another foster fail! Kiki aka Luna is over the moon to have found her forever home! She has new feline friends to play with and a huge house to explore. Her new pet parents are also previous AMA adopters, which makes it even more exciting. We are so happy for this sweet girl. Enjoy the rest of your life!


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