Kimchi & Noodle

Two siblings were rescued together, both sick. But with some medication and a lot of TLC, they were able to make a full recovery pretty quickly. Day after day, they've learned how to trust their foster parents, and in time from hissy little rascals, they've turned into two fluff - balls chasing each other all over the place. And while we're always happy when we find a home for our kittens, we are on cloud nine when siblings get to go home together. And guess what? Both Kimchi and Noodle (now Haru and Katsu) were two lucky kitties, because they found a family who wanted them both! Watching the two being attached made it impossible to separate them. And TA-DA! This is how their happily ever after looks like. And if you'd like to follow their adventures, you may follow their Instagram account here- >


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