Remember this cutie? We first noticed Lana on the risk-list. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and was in urgent need of medical care, something that a local shelter wasn't able to provide. We waited a little longer to see if anyone would be able to save Lana's life, but as the clock kept ticking, no one stepped up. AMA knew that we must act and so we did. We pulled this sweet girl without a second thought and welcomed her into the AMA family. It’s been a few months since that day. During these months Lana stayed with a wonderful foster family who nursed her back to health, worked tirelessly on her training and was extremely patient and loving during the difficult time of adjustment. Countless vet visits, numerous transportations back and forth, severe allergy outbreaks- the foster family has been through it all, for which we will always be extremely grateful. Shortly after we placed Lana in her foster home, we found out that Miss Lana's got super snuggle skills, a great personality, and exquisitely expressive eyes that no photo could do justice--she couldn't be more adorable even if she tried! We knew that Lana would soon find one special human who will spoil this princess to pieces. Guess what happened next? Lana just loved getting out for a walk and some quality time with her human and furry friends, and as weeks went by, everyone knew- if you like to cuddle then boy, have you come to the right place when you came to visit Lana at her foster home! That is how one amazing woman fell in love with Lana- she bribed her with cuddles and kisses! And so, after many long months of waiting, Lana finally found the perfect human who promised to care for her and love her forever. And this is what a true happily ever after looks like! From a euth-list to a happy and healthy dog with an amazing forever mom. 😍 Enjoy the rest of your life, Lana!


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