It is a known fact that there are many neglected and abused dogs roaming the streets of Puerto Rico, but we still get shocked every time we see a case like Lenny. He was just another stray dog who tried to get by day after day, begging for scraps of food, running away from the danger. Only this time the danger caught up with him. Someone chopped off Lenny's paw and let him go free ( or maybe Leny escaped before the torturer got a chance to finish the job).  Unfortunately we probably never will find out what monster did that to Lenny, but what we could do was save his life. Here is what he had survived and been through over the last month before we were finally able to bring him to NY: 1) Some terrible human cutting off his leg.  2) #hurricaneirma 3)#hurricanemaria 4) All vets lost power, so Lenny wasn't able to receive his much-needed amputation 5) He took an emergency flight from #PR to #Miami after the hurricane. 6) A 36-hour car ride across the country with eight other dogs, not bad huh?! All of this and Lenny was still in great spirits, despite having to limp around because part of his leg is missing. Humans complain about something as small as a headache, yet Lenny just kept pushing on. Dogs are truly amazing!!!! We had a wonderful company @giveadogabrace donate/offer a prosthetic leg for Lenny, but due to the hurricanes, we ran out of time and needed to amputate it to avoid further infection. He is the strongest dog we know, and we were absolutely positive that he will come out of this on top. And today, we glad to announce that Lenny has found his forever home, here in NY. He now has an amazing forever mom and a furry brother that he absolutely adores. Enjoy the rest of your life, Lenny! 


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