Lexi and Sky

The family that adopts together stays together, but when they adopt a mama cat and her baby kitten, families stay together even more! That’s what happened when this father-daughter duo adopted Lexi and her daughter, Sky, allowing them to purr out the rest of their lives together. We found mama Lexi when she was pregnant and about to burst, and whisked her to the vet just in time for her to give birth to five feisty kittens!  Lexi is sweet as pie and calm as a summer evening, and loves to purr even while she’s eating. Her daughter Sky looks just like mama, but she’s camera-shy (that’s why she’s not in the adoption picture) and just plain shy in general. That’s why we were SO excited when a father and daughter decided to adopt Lexi and Sky together. Now Lexi will have all the love and head scratches she could ask for, and Sky will feel safe and sound in her mama’s presence. When it comes to adoption, we love when it’s a family affair!


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