We rescued Lola from what we can only describe as a dog's prison. She was chained to a dusty concrete floor, starved and alone for almost a decade. She also had a massive tumor the size of two fists. If you can imagine hell, she was living it. When we came to rescue this poor girl, the humans who imprisoned her didn't give a second thought to getting her "out of the way." Getting her tumors checked out and bringing her back to full health was our top priority. We couldn't allow her to stay in the body that's been weakened by years of neglect. As you know we never let the potential difficulties make us give up our fight to bring happiness to the poor victims. It only makes us fight more. We needed to show her that her kind soul isn't doomed to be abused and neglected, but that it deserves to be loved and cherished. She's been walking slowly but surely toward her happily ever after since then, and today she is finally with her forever mom who spoils her every second of her life.

Video about Lola


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