Sweet Lola is another brave survivor of a kill shelter. She is a senior girl who was dumped by her owner as soon as she reached her golden years, and if that wasn’t enough for her to go through, she ended up with a laundry list of medical issues from her time at the kill shelter. Lola had kennel cough, a skin infection throughout her body that made her itch all over, and her teeth were so badly neglected that they had turned green. But worst of all, the doctors discovered a strange-looking mass that had developed on her backside. It was so close to her anus that only complicated surgery could fix the problem. Additionally, doctors had to be very careful in removing the mass not to damage her private area. Still, we were mostly praying that it is benign and didn't present any further complications for our sweet Lola... Considering the type of neglect that most abandoned pets go through, it’s never a sure thing. But first things first, Lola had to get through the surgery, and we were there with her doing everything possible to provide her with the best possible love and support. Luckily, the biopsy came back benign. We were so excited for Lola! But that wasn't all. She finally has found her true happiness with a wonderful woman who adopted her soon after her surgery. She's now being loved and spoiled like the princess that she always meant to be. If that is not happily ever after then, we don't know what is. Enjoy the rest of your life, Lola! We will always miss you.


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