Based on what we know about Lola's history, she was once used as a breeding dog, and her previous owner was stopped by the police while he was driving to sell her one-month-old puppies. The man got arrested for something else, and Lola's family was taken to a local Animal Care and Control. Fortunately, all of that is now a long-forgotten history. All five of her puppies were quickly placed in loving foster-to-adopt homes, while we dedicated our time to restoring Lola to her healthiest self. We knew that from this point on, she would never be used or abused again. After spending just a few short months with us, Lola won her adopter's heart! We couldn't have been more pleased with her happy ending. Though Lola didn't have a good beginning to her life, rest assured that the remainder of her life will more than make up for it. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Lola! We will always miss you.


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